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Fee Schedule
Payments can be made by personal check, money
order or completely securely online using:

This is required up front before I will begin a       
research project. The monies will be applied towards
the completion of the first block of research time and
expenses.  Further research blocks will no longer
require a retainer to be made up front.
This is a per hour rate. I usually work in research
blocks of on average 5 hours or so. This allows me to
work with my clients' budgets and not leave them
with a big bill at the end of a project.
RETAINER      $100 US

RESEARCH      $20 US





This is the cost to order and keep one roll of
microfilm at the FHC for a total of 10 weeks. If the film
doesn't yield information or limited amount, I may
choose to keep it for only 5 weeks and then the cost
is only $6. If I do keep it for 10 weeks, I generally will
spend $6 out of my own pocket to have the film kept
at the FHC indefinitely. This is an "at my cost" charge.
Most microfilm copies at LDS Family History Centers
are a quarter. Where it might be different I will adjust
as this is a "my cost" charge. Copies of records from
German Archives can run $2-4US ea.  This is an
"at my cost" charge.
Standard cost to print out family group sheets and
any other documents from my computer. This is an
"at my cost" charge.
I send out the packets of research via US Priority
Mail with delivery confirmation to ensure that your
material will make it to its destination.  This is an
"at my cost" charge.
If anything else arises that will add to the cost of a
project, it will be discussed with the client and will
be in complete control of decision of whether to
approve anything beyond these stated normal
charges. And this will also be a "my cost" charge.