The above is a christening record for Maria Rafaela Garcia, “Spaniard” and h.l. (legitimate daughter).
Christening occurred in the parish of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico, performed by the priest Don Felipe de
Jesus Cepeda, who on the 9th of April in 1823 christened the child, being 6 days old (born the 3rd), the
legitimate child of Faustino Garcia and Maria Prudencia Martines. The godparents are Seferino de Ynojosa
(Hinojosa today) and Maria de Jesus Garcia. Record is signed by the priest Felipe de Jesus Cepeda.
The above is a christening record (bottom of page) is for Hans Christoffersen, born on the 21st of Jun 1856,
and christened on August 9th. His parents were Christoffer Jensen, 42 yrs of age,  and Johanna Mortensen
from the village of Molger. The witnesses were Else Marie Sorensen, Johann ?, and Nehls Peter Jensen of
Molger, and Anders Mortensen of Korup.