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In Your Packet
Below are some examples of the kinds of records and information that
you will receive in your packet.  Once you review your materials you
can then contact me about continuing research on those lines or even
working on an altogether different branch of your family tree.

Most in the genealogy hobby know what
these are, but for those you do not, they are a
means of listing the genealogical data of an
entire family grouping, with parents and then
children listed below.  It is the easiest way of
grouping family data, and all genealogical
software programs will print out Family
Group Sheets from your own database, or
even blank ones to use while gathering
information in the field or conducting

More commonly thought of as that
document that lists the ancestry of your
pedigreed animal, the Pedigree Chart
concisely lists your direct ancestors back
for 3-5 generations on average. Additional
pedigree charts can be used to show lines
that you have researched back further than
that, and just like Family Group Sheets, they
can be printed from your genealogical

As records are gathered during the research
process, they may be written in a foreign
language or in a style of writing that makes it
difficult to read.  I attach a page or a peel and
stick form to all documents with the pertinent
information in English, so that you can know
what is on the record. This makes it easier to
share the new documents with friends and
family too!

Here are just a couple other examples of
different documents that you might see in
your packet, depending upon where your
ancestors originally lived prior to coming to
America.  Each countries' records vary in
what information is contained on them, and
the earlier you go back, usually the
information becomes more basic and less
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