Before I begin any project, I will discuss the scope or project and
review all currently available information  to determine if there is a
likelihood of success prior to completing any research.  This will be
done at NO COST tot he prospective client.  This may involve even
some research time on my part if we are in need of specific records or
dates and places that are necessary to determine the viability of the
research needed.  If I determine that I am unable to assist you with
your project, I will be happy to direct you to people or resources
wherever possible where you might be able to further your research.


If I determine that I will be able to help, we will then discuss the scope
and details of your project and agree upon a budget for said research.  
I generally like to work in research blocks of approximately 5 hours of
research. This prevents the project from becoming too costly, with a
large balance to pay all at one time. My fees are all "at my cost"
charges with the exception of my research time. I also do not charge
for travel time and expense for local facilities that I use here in
Bakersfield. If I do need to use libraries down in Southern California, I
may elect to charge for gas, but never have charged for my travel time,
which round trip can run me around 5 hours alone (248 miles round trip
to Los Angeles).


Aside from my duties as a genealogical researcher, I am often
requested to speak at genealogical societies and seminars on a
variety of topics related to my expertise in this area.  Having studied
several languages I have given presentations on European and
Mexican research resources and methodology.  If you are a member of
a genealogical society or family history center especially in the
Southern California area, please feel to contact me regarding teaching
a class or giving a presentation on a variety of genealogical topics.  
Locations from outside the SoCal area are possible, but would require
compensation for travel and lodging in addition to my fee for
conducting the presentation.
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